Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Pied Pier of Wowowee

I've never been a watcher of noontime variety shows. Even when I was previously on vacation, I never watch any local show in ABS-CBN or GMA. I'd prefer to watch other shows or pop in a DVD. However, I found myself being mysteriously seduced by the drawing power of Willie Revillame and his Wowowee show.

I tried to avoid it at first but there are times that my MIL would be at home and invite me and Basti to stay in their air-conditioned room in the afternoon. She and my FIL would be watching Willie's show and I have no choice but to watch it as well. My yaya is also watches it as well. Next thing I knew, I found myself tuning in to Channel 2 to watch Willie the Pied Piper at work.

One of the popular segments of the show is (if I'm correct) is Willie of Fortune. The game starts with 8 contestants. One is pitted against the other in a segment wherein they have to name the tune being played. They get one point if they get it right and another point if they sing the lyrics right. They do this again until they're down to 4 contestants and they until they have one winner. At the start of the segment, Willie interviews them one by one and these people would willingly share their life story with him. They would usually have a companion with them and Willie encourages them to say some words to each other (usually sappy stuff) and after each interview, they have to either sing, dance, declaim or show whatever talent they have. After that, Willie gives them P5K each. If they're exceptionally talented, he gives them P10K.

Not anyone can play in this segment. They usually have themes for the day. For the past days that I've been watching, they had
"parents of children who are studying law or medicine", "senior citizen singers" and today "teenage parents". I witnessed a male contestant who got married early, his wife recently gave birth through caesarian session and he still owes people P20K for his wife's operation. Did I mention he does not have any job? After his talent portion, Willie immediately gave him P20K AND some of the audience members went down and gave him dollars (they have visiting TFC subscribers in the TV audience).

I'm just amazed how popular this show is and how "powerful" Willie has become. You just have to watch it to believe.

Actually, I surprisingly like the show. I'm a sucker of back stories and the stories of the people who play in the program can really make your heart bleed. I just wish they would do away with the
scantilly clad dancers who gyrate like there's no tomorrow. And theirritating voices of some of the hosts who plug the sponsor's products. They really grate my ears.

(Logo picture taken from Wikipedia)

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Norrie Blackeby said...

Sounds like the kind of show that really appeals to a lot of people--game shows or ones that pit talent against talent (in some cases watching people develop through the show) make compelling TV. We have a similar one here--Strictly Come Dancing-- and people get sooooo involved in the three month life of the show (Autumn to Christmas Eve). Last year Peter and I got sucked in it too--everyone at work is talking about who got voted out on the weekend (the public cast their votes via phone which means they could veto the judges' decision). It became such a controversy that when one well known TV presenter/journalist withdrew ALL front page news, TV and radio devoted air time to the resignation complete with commentary etc etc. My in laws are avid fans and at work? Well! Consider yourself "out" if you do not watch the show. Very entertaining! Good luck. It can become addicting.