Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christmas 2010 Wishlist

Yes, it's that time of the year again. As per tradition, I'm posting my wishlist this year (which somehow is similar to my wishlist last year):

1. Wall clock
I love our wall clock now as it has a white face and the arms are black which enables me to see the time without wearing my glasses. However, it has fallen off the wall so many times already and the edge is already cracked. It's calling for a replacement.

2. Notepads/stationery/post-its
I love these stuff. I still write longhand letters and these would come in handy. As for the post-its, it's for the office.

3. Journal Notebook
I found a journal notebook a few months ago at National Bookstore Podium. It was only 99pesos and it already has a hardcover and bookmark. It also can be closed by this elastic thingee that you wrap around the notebook. The pages are also yellowed and smooth--great for my pen. However, I can't find that type of notebook anymore.

4. Fountain Pen/Sign Pen
I use these pens to write out my checks. I currently use the Parker Sign Pen that my CAU Team gave me as my going-away gift last year. However, I've always been fascinated by fountain pens. My earliest memory of it was my grandfather singing his cheques and notes with his green fountain pen. I'm quite happy with a black pen though.

5. Body Wash
I love shower gels or body wash stuff. It does not have to be the picture above but any brand will do. I prefer the milky types. One of the best that I've tried was Marks and Spencer. Almond bath cream, I think.

This is it, for now. Will add more once I remember them.

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