Monday, October 04, 2010

Impaired Glucose Tolerance

I have been diagnosed with Impaired Glucose Tolerance or in more understandable terms, I am Pre-Diabetic. Basically, it means that I'm predisposed to diabetes UNLESS I make a lifestyle change. Not only do I have to change my diet, but I have to exercise more often.

I've know all these things before as early this year, I was already diagnosed as such. I was ordered to have an OGTT done to verify the diagnosis but I postponed having the test done as it was not a pleasant experience as I detailed here. Also, trying not to throw up sorely tested my willpower.

Maybe this is the wake-up call I need (God knows how many calls I already got). I know I managed to lose weight before and really lived a healthy lifestyle. I just need to set my mind that I can do it--again. I just have to think that my future with my son is at stake.

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cessna said...

hugs! you can do this sunshine!