Thursday, October 07, 2010

My 2nd White Hair

I was fixing my hair this morning when I saw a strand of white hair near my temple. I freaked out when I saw it.

I could justify my first white hair with the stress that I was going through that time (November 2006). I was barely sleeping nights and I was overworked so I was not overly surprised when I saw that pale strand.

But I could not justify this white hair as I am not stressed--well, unless you consider my pre-diabetic state as a source of stress. Nevertheless, I was shocked when I saw it. Is this a sign that I am really growing old? That my mortality is indeed creeping up on me?


aloysius said...

Hey, I was checking out an old youngblood book and saw an article of a sunshine david. College ka pa ata nuon. Asteg! =)

Sunshine said...

yes, ako nga yun. tagal na. hahaha! :)

aloysius said...

i try to blog also about parenting Sunshine. I hope you can visit it at

Thanks! =)