Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 1 and 2 - Outlet Shopping at Jersey Gardens

I was up and early the next day as I could not sleep properly. After breakfast, my sister and her daughter, Madison together with my husband and I left at around 10AM for Jersey Gardens to do some shopping.

Here's my picture with my twin sister. It's the only one that we have so far since I got here. I'll make sure to take more.

I was not prepared when I saw what was in the mall. There were branded stores all around that I could not wrap my mind around what I want to see first. I just told Leo to shop for himself first and I'll just see what I want.

We settled down for lunch at the foodcourt where I had some sort of chicken bourbon meal. I've forgotten how the servings here are just so humongous. I was supposed to share with Leo but he wanted another thing. Anyway, I was only able to eat barely half of it and decided to take home the rest.

Here's Maddy, smiling one of her beautiful smiles.

I survived on caffeine and sugar during the whole time. By midafternoon, I was almost on the verge of collapse. I got a pack of M&Ms for the sugar rush which gave me the strength to get back on my feet and do more shopping. Here's me with Maddy as I shared my last two M&Ms with her. I became her bestfriend all of a sudden. :)

We headed back home around 5PM but briefly stopped over at a local grocery at Carteret to get some supplies. When we got to the house, my mom was waiting for us with her stepdaughter-in-law and her step-grandson. It was great seeing her and gave her my pasalubong. Will spend more time with her next week.

We bought so much stuff at the outlet mall. I can't wait to go back to buy MY stuff. :)

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