Thursday, June 02, 2011

Parent Humble Pie

I had a somewhat humbling experience yesterday as a parent.

When I came home last night, my husband shared with me news that Basti cried during Kindermusik class yesterday afternoon. I was amused as usually, Basti is the culprit whenever other children cries but this time around, he's the one crying. It turns out that he has a classmate with Down Syndrome and as the boy's way of showing his amusement and "gigil" for Basti, he grabbed and pulled my son's hair which caused my son to cry.

I just hugged my son as I totally understood what happened. Moreover, I wanted him exposed to such kids and hopefully, he'll develop a mindset that these children should not be scorned but accepted and loved.

I was touched when Teacher Ana (his Kindermusik teacher)  gave me a call informing me of what happened and apologizing for the incident. The call was not needed but still appreciated. I really don't know mind if he gets hurt during such incidents as long as he's not severely wounded. However, I would make a big fuss if he's bullied or hurt intentionally by other kids.

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