Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 5 - Six Flags and Atlantic City

When I was in the US more than 20 years ago, my main frustration was that I was not able to visit any amusement park except for Universal Studios. Back then, the only ride was the tram where you see the different sets of movies. During this trip, I asked my sister to take us to 6 Flags to at least fulfill my wish to ride a US rollercoaster.

Together with my sister, Claudine, brother-in-law, Jeff, their daughter, Madison, Jeff's sister, Jermaine, my cousin, Micaela and Leo, we left the house at 9AM to make it to 6 Flags (Jackson, NJ) before its 10AM opening.

This was the first sight that greeted us from the parking lot:

The rollercoaster on the left is the Kingda ka. It's the tallest rollercoaster. The one in the middle is the newest ride of the park, the Green Lantern where you ride the coaster standing up. The one on the right is the Superman where you ride the coaster on your belly.

Here we are posing and waiting for the park to open:

There were a lot of people rushing towards the Green Lantern and of course, I had to have the mandatory photo. This was before the long lines started:

This was the first rollercoaster I rode after so many years. The one in Enchanted Kingdom does not even compare. I was not nervous before the ride but as I got on my seat and the coaster started climbing, the butterflies just started and I just closed my eyes and hung on for dear life.

If you're feeling dead then it's one way to know that you're alive. After the ride, I just kept on saying, "I'm alive! I'm alive!" My cousin was able to film the ride and Jeff was so sore as he had his camera out but he was not able to press the record button. However, when we got off the ride, Jeff and Mica was intercepted by park officials as apparently, they were caught by the park camera filming the ride which according to the park's rules and regulations was prohibited and subject to expulsion. No amount of "pakiusap" would let them stay, they were kicked out and banned from the park for a year. Though we can still stay, we opted to accompany them in their misery and left the park as well.

Jeff and Mica were sore that they were thrown out after just 1 ride and it was barely lunch time. We decided to go to Atlantic City to at least see another big city.

The ride was nice as we borrowed Tita Flor's Yukon. We made it to Atlantic City in 2 hours. We parked at the Trump Plaza and proceeded to the Boardwalk on foot.

Here's a photo of me and Leo on the Boardwalk and the second one with us on the beach:

Leo tried his hand at the slot machine and won five bucks. I also won 8 bucks but that was on a 10 dollar bet. Before we could lose any more money, we went out on the Boardwalk and just walked the whole length up to the end where the carnival was located.

The area of the Trump Plaza is still ok but as you go further down the pier, that's where things sort of look a little run down. The carnival has definitely seen better days but it's sort of charming in a quaint sort of way.

While on the Boardwalk, we tasted the different cuisines that it has to offer. The funnel cake was really good. Fried dough with powdered sugar on top. Yum!

We also tried some salt water taffy which was also good.

After MORE walking and with Maddy trying the carnival a bit, we decided to head back to the car and go home. We all belatedly realized that we have to get home early as we had to return the car and we all had to prepare for an early day the next day. Leo and I had an early morning bus ride to DC while Claudine and the rest of the family has a long drive to Niagra Falls.

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