Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bicipital Tendinitis

I was not suffering from a pinched nerve after all. According to the Rehab Doctor, I was suffering form Bicipital Tendinitis which in layman terms means inflammation of my bicep tendon. According to my therapist, if it was a pinched nerve, the pain would've been more immense than what I was suffering.

After my acupuncture session last night, I started my physical therapy today. I was given a hot compress, then heat ultrasound and afterwards, some exercises. The exercises were quite painful. We were able to do 10 rotations of my arm and 5 of side rotation--which is more painful.

What caused it? Well, I was very remiss in stretching before my work-out last Monday. I stopped going to the gym for a couple of months and last Monday was my second day back. I foolishly increased the weights on the machines where I did my shoulder press and other arm exercises thinking I can lift them. Unfortunately, I did not stretch properly before my work-out.

Well, now I know and it's a lesson well-learned. I promise to stretch before my work-outs from now on.

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Kate said...

Hello Sunshine :) Thank you for your letter! This is Kate, your postcard partner :) I sent you a postcard last week. Hope you get it soon. Btw, hope you feel better soon. The pics look intimidating!