Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Heart David Cook

I was crazy over David Cook when he won American Idol three years ago, and I'm still as crazy over him until now. His recently released sophomore album refueled my fervor for him.

One reason why I love him so much is that you could feel his passion through every lyric that he sings. When he sang the above song live, I was melting (and to think that was in youtube. What more if I'm really there?). When he was still competing in Idol, I would scream whenever he would look in the camera with his really dreamy eyes.

David is also one of the rare singers who still sounds good when he sings live (others uses auto-tune so there's a big discrepancy when you listen to the album and hear them sing live). When he covered Adele's Rolling in the Deep, I wish I was there in the crowd to scream and clap for him. What you hear is what you get.

That's why I'm still sore that I missed his show when I was in NYC last June. I would've given anything just to see him live and would have paid the extra money for VIP passes. Hugging him would be a big check off my bucket list.

Until I can get that chance, I would continue to watch youtube videos of his concerts and pray and wish that I would get the chance to see him sing live again. I fervently hope so.

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