Thursday, December 29, 2011

My 2011

My 2011 has been one hell of a ride. In terms of experiences, this year has a tankful of them. I'll try to recall significant events per month. As my memory nowadays is not that dependable, I would like to thank Facebook Timeline, this blog and my written journal to help me look back.

- Used my first VL by taking Basti to the ER for some allergic reaction.
- Started decluttering by giving away some planners that I have in storage but have not been using. Fortunately, they're the types that does not have actual days on them so you can use them at any year.
- Reconnected with a childhood friend through Facebook. We haven't seen each other in over two decades only to find out that she lives just a couple of houses away from my current home.
- Got my iPhone from Globe! The best phone I've ever had since I became a mobile phone user more than a decade ago.
- Celebrated Basti's 2nd birthday by spending the night at Manila Penn (yes, just the three of us!)

- Went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark with our rpgdlsu friends and the kids! It was our first out-of-town ever since the kids arrived.
- Annual Physical consultations with my numerous doctors - OB, Endo,and Cardio
- Small and short reunion with HS classmates

- Suffered a health scare when I temporarily lost vision on my left eye for a few seconds. After a lot of tests, turns out I just have migraine equivalence. Read about my health journey here.
- Bought our ticket for our US trip.

- Marvin and Mai's wedding where I was able to wear a size 10 dress! Officially lost 20 pounds!
- Was finally treated for my allergies
- The Sucat-Alabang portion of the Skyway finally opens making the dream of Alabang-Makati in 15 minutes come true. I don't have to wake up too early to avoid the traffic. Downside is bringing a car everyday is out of the question as the toll fees are horrendously expensive!

- Went to Divisoria to buy our presents for my sister in the US
- Started with Basti's toilet training
- Spent this month basically preparing for our US trip

- Our US trip where a summary is posted at the right hand side of my blog. The best part of the trip other than seeing my sister and my Mom, NYC!!! I had to make 4 posts just all about that wonderful city
- Met up with my friend Ching for the last time as she's moving to the US to be with her husband

- Returned from our US trip which is crashing back to reality
- Yaya started getting sick making me Basti's full-time caregiver. Turns out she's pregnant!

- Started watching Game of Thrones in HBO. Though it's been showing for quite some time, I was not able to watch it until I saw the opening credits. I was instantly hooked that I started reading the book as well
- Started running in the gym and my record was 20 minutes straight on the treadmill

- My SFC friend, Willie's despedida as he's leaving for Canada
- Finally sold my book collection
- Another typhoon hit the Philippines which flooded Bulacan and the storm surges destroyed the seawall at Roxas Blvd. and flooded Sofitel

- After months of planning, was finally able to meet up with my BFF, Cess. It could've been a longer conversation if I did not have to go back to the office. I missed her so much!
- Steve Jobs passed away
- Started follicle monitoring for our pregnancy attempt only to learn later on that it was not successful
- Basti's trick or treat at his school, my sister in law's office and here at home

- Had bicipital tendinitis which I posted about here. Because of that, I tried acupuncture which I posted about here
- Started follicle monitoring again but was unsuccessful again. Gave up for the time being and decided to rest and wait for another time
- Had our block showing for our office Outreach fund raising. At least I know now how to go about it.
- Bazaar season! Went to two bazaars this month
- South N@Wies Christmas party. It was nice to see people who I would correspond with through our Newlywedsatwork egroups

- Had the most awesome birthday ever! I can't recall being so happy during a birthday for the past 35 years and to think there was no big celebration. I just went to mass, had a pedicure, met up with my sister-in-law to have lunch and watch a movie, went to the bazaar and had dinner with my hubby. Simple yet I enjoyed everything that I did that day. I am truly blessed. God is so good!
- Was hired as part-time faculty at my alma mater, St. Scholastica's College
- Get-togethers with rpgdlsu friends, SFC friends, HS St. Scho friends, SCB and ex-SCB friends and unit Christmas party
- First time I drove to Tanauan, Batangas

There you go. 2011 does not officially end until tomorrow but overall, I could say that it's been a very eventful year. Hope that 2012 will be as good or even better and praying for less drama.

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