Sunday, December 04, 2011

My New Favorite Loveteam -- Sarah and Gerald

I seldom watch Filipino movies for the reason I can't find someone to go with me. But yesterday, on my birthday, my sister-in-law invited me to watch Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson's new movie, "Won't Last a Day Without You". I was not able to watch their first movie, "Catch Me, I'm in Love" which was shown last March but that did not deter me from watching their new project.

I didn't have any expectations on the movie except for the news that Gerald and Sarah has good chemistry. True enough, I was so "kilig" while watching the whole movie. Though there were some unbelievable moments, their budding on-screen romance somehow makes up for it. Gerald also can now be considered a viable leading man on his own and it's good that his team-up with Kim Chiu was discontinued. For some reason, it did him good as his team-up with Sarah can be considered a commercial success.

In the movie, Sarah is a DJ who gives love advice over the air and unfortunately, her advice to a listener caused the girl to break up with her boyfriend on air! The boy (that's Gerald, of course) stormed to the radio station to confront the supposedly erring disk jockey. The sparks start to fly from there. It's amusing to see Gerald's character improve from being a chronic playboy to an honest-to-goodness person that can be considered perfect boyfriend material. Of course, that's where the kilig moments happen.

The supporting characters added color to the movie--such as John Lapus as Sarah's co-DJ and Joey de Leon as Sarah's rocker father. Lapus was in his lovable bading best (I still can't get over him in "Here Comes the Bride" where he was "possessed" by the soul of the lolo. Ang guwapo niya bilang isang lalaki ha. Kamukha niya si Jett Pangan. Hehehe). De Leon was also amusing with his quips (e.g. he calls his daughter Sarah, "anaconda"--ang anak niyang maganda) and his rocker eyeliner.) Wish to see him in more movies like this.

Gerald's character, from what I've deduced, is a probinsiano (he uses his Cebuano accent throughout the movie. I found it quite charming) who's trying to take the board exam for nursing (it's kinda confusing as the girlfriend claims he's trying to be a doctor but he's studying for nursing?) but his playboy ways is preventing him from achieving that. Gerald can really bring the kilig especially now with his well-honed body (those abs!!!). I can't remember him being this fit during his PBB days.

Sarah Geronimo was a revelation ever since I saw her first movie with John Lloyd Cruz. I posted about it here. I was wondering whether how she will fare with a different loveteam and I'm happy to say that she does not disappoint.

Overall, I like the movie and it made me look for their first movie which my husband fortunately found for me. Will write another review for that. Oh and watch out for the bloopers during the credits. There's one scene where Gerald was trying to motivate Sarah and he uttered somebody's name which made everyone burst out in laughter.

Because of this, I am now officially a Gerald Anderson fan. How can I join his fan club? Seriously.

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