Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paint Transfer

Last April 28, we were on our way to the grocery when our car was hit by another vehicle that was swerving into our lane. I still can't believe how calm both my husband and I were after the accident to think we were entitled to really freak out. Other than our car being barely a month old, Basti was seated at the back near to the side that was hit. Maybe we were just in shock but afterwards, I was thinking that I should have jumped out of the car with fists flying. Good thing nobody was hurt. My insurance had to cover everything though as the other vehicle (a company vehicle at that) does not have comprehensive insurance--just third-party liability--which absolutely sucks. At least they paid for our participation so we did not have to pay for anything. Nevertheless, everything is just one big hassle. The paint transfer looks awful and the mags were scratched too. Can't wait to get my car back.

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