Friday, May 25, 2012

The Reason I Watched AI this Year (or at least parts of it)

I have stopped following Idol after Season 8--the year Kris Allen won. Somehow after that, the contestants seem lackluster and the show just got worse when Simon Cowell left.

When this season started (is it the 10th already or even more than that?), I did not feel the usual excitement that I had come January when I know AI will start. However, I've been hearing about this half-Filipino/half-Mexican girl who was wowing the judges week after week. I did not have the chance to watch her until I saw her sing Whitney Houston's anthemic song, "I'll Always Love You". As I already saw Charice Pempengco sing that song, it did not impress me much but I acknowledged that she could sing. But when she sang the song below, it just mesmerized me and I realized that she could actually have a chance to win it.

I guess the producers or whatever powers-that-be in Idol realized how powerful the song was, they actually got the original singer, Grammy Winner, Jennifer Holliday, to sing a duet with her. And their duet birthed a dozen memes.

But before the memes, watch the video:

Here are a couple of them which I got at It's in Filipino so unless you understand that language, it won't be as hilarious.

As we already all know, Jessica Sanchez lost but her duet with Jennifer Holliday will be one of the greatest duets in AI history.

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