Monday, May 21, 2012

Teenage Parenting

I was a bit bothered when I read about 4 teens killed in a car crash just this weekend. It made me think how I should parent my son when he grows up to be a teenager.

A part of me wants to keep him in a leash and never let him out of my sight. But I know that will just exist in my imagination and will have negative repercussions on him. If I want him to grow into a well-balanced individual, I have to ease up on the control and ensure that he's equipped with the proper skills to help him find his way through life. Whether I like it or not, driving is definitely defined as a life skill that one should really learn. Though commuting is always an option, knowing how to drive a car really makes a difference as it keeps you mobile especially in areas where the commute can be quite difficult.

I was pretty tame when I was a teenager in a sense that I only recently learned how to drive so there were no instances where I would sneak off the car for a joyride. I also don't like going to parties so I'm particularly stuck at home and I was ok with that.

I just hope that I can inculcate the right values to my son so by the time he grows up to be a teenager, he can make the right decisions for himself.

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