Tuesday, December 25, 2012

So This is Christmas

John Lennon followed that by asking "and what have you done?". Perhaps I'll ask the same question to myself.

I previously mentioned in my recap that this year has been an exciting year for me. A year full of changes. However, my spiritual life took a beating and it's something that I hope to reclaim.

I also haven't had a an outreach activity this year other than my monthly contribution for World Vision and Unicef. Back in my previous company, we would have outreach activities right and left. In fact, it was mandatory and part of our annual grade. With my current employer, I can't recall getting any email about any outreach activity. I should discuss this with my team leaders and see if it can be feasible.

Speaking of World Vision, I received an award last March that I was honored for being an donor for the past 10 years. The sad thing is, the child that I have been sponsoring decided to stop studying as he would rather work and help his family. I was given a new child to sponsor but it broke my heart that my contributions for the last 10 years were for naught. It did not deter me from stopping my contribution as I still believe in the organization's purpose and that they are a big help in the community. I just hope that my adopted child would be able to finish College.

I still haven't thought about my plans for next year. I'll probably do that before the New Year. Maybe I'll strive to have better answers for John Lennon's question.

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