Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Christmas Party

Christmas is less than a week away. You know it's almost there when Christmas parties come one after the other.

For this year alone, I had four Christmas get-togethers/dinners/parties. Probably the best one is that of my department.

I was never really that invested in Christmas parties--even in my previous offices. Yes, I would join the presentations and I would always try to leave early. But my department Christmas party was the best ever that I can remember. I have never laughed so hard as much as I did that day--as in falling off my chair and rolling on he floors hard.

My department is the largest in our division--52 officers, staff and PH under my purview. It still boggles my mind that I have that much people who I have to watch out for but I have somehow survived the past 10 months and have even met our targets so I must be doing it right somehow.

When I formed a team as early as July to handle the employee engagement activities in our department, one of the things that I assigned them to do was to organize the Christmas party. As early as August, we were already scouting for possible venues that would fit all 53 of us and our visitors.

I don't know if it was the long preparation period or the excitement but all my teams were very gung-ho about it. They came out with the idea that each team (not only the new hires or contractuals) will have their own presentation. Everyone embraced the thought and a week before the party, they were hard at work practicing their dance moves.

The video below is not part of the program. It was just a spontaneous suggestion (albeit shouted out) that the team leaders have a dance showdown. Not contented, they had to ask for me and my bosses as well. At least I hope I didn't embarrass myself too much.

Once I finish uploading them, I will also post the presentations of my teams. They're absolutely hilarious! Probably the "pangbubuyo" and "pang-aasar" made it more fun. Good thing there's no "pikon" person in my team.

Here's the presentation of Team Eds:

Here's the presentation of Team Ernie:

And here's the team that won the contest, Team Toto:

I can't wait for next year's party. It will be so hard to top this.

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