Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Clothes Shopping

Leo and I went shopping today for baby clothes and like any pair of excited parents, I think we overdid it. :)

We first went to SM Makati to canvass for cribs and strollers. We found a nice wooden crib that can be converted to a toddler bed but it costs a freaking P29K! We did find a nice Gracco crib for more than half the price (P12K). It can be converted into a playpen later on. It also has a changing pad so we're considering that as an alternative.

We're also choosing between a Gracco (P12K) and Chicco (P11K) stroller. I'm more partial to the Gracco because it has this thingee that monitors the temperature.

After that, we then looked for other baby stuff. These are what we bought:

The yellow thing at the top is a foam thingee where I can place the baby when I give him a bath. There's the rubber mat as well which can be placed underneath the foam among other uses.

I also bought 3 4 oz evenflo feeding bottles. My friend Cess, recommended this to me. She also suggested Gerber but SM says they're out of stock.

The chicco thing underneath the bottle was actually a gift from my sister-in-law. It's a crib mobile which will go well with the crib.

The white thing on the right is a hooded sweater with pants that can be worn by the baby. I bought a lot of Winnie the Pooh stuff at SM.

After SM, Leo and I went to this place at Bel-Air for more baby clothes. The two items on the left are some stuff that I bought. Actually, the two items are just some of the stuff that we bought from the Bel-Air place. I think we went crazy as everything's so cheap! Our P2K got us more than 20 pcs of baby clothes! I love the hooded and flannel blankets that we got. I'm really so excited. The picture above shows the number of baby clothes that we already have. Most of it was given to us by my sister-in-law. I already bought Cycles detergent to wash the clothes before I give birth.

For those who intend to give us baby clothes, please give us something else. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Sunshine,

With my first boy (now 17 years old), I made the decision to go exclusively with baby stuff NOT made in China, that was way back in 1990 because at the time, there was a recall on pacifiers due to a dangerous chemical used in a certain Made in China pacifier. Fast forward 17 years and the problems with Chinese made products are more dire than ever. Milk powder, candy, baby bottles, toys,. you name it, there's a problem with it. (The latest is the use of the dangerous chemical Melamine in baby formula to fool testing procedures that there was protein in these formulas when in fact there was not. Melamine was also used in dog food that killed hudnred of dogs here in the USA last year.) A feeding bottle I used for my current 18 month old is Avent, Made in England. They are probably the only ones not made in China here in the US, and they are alomost always out of stock at the local stores here. I tired to avoind buying Chinese made products because of China's lax regulations when it comes to manufacturing. Probably 95 percent of the baby stuff we bought, was non Chinese, but very difficult to find stuff not made in China. Many Chinese products are just plane crap, and dangerous to boot. Just a thought.

Sunshine said...

Thanks for the advice. Will keep it in mind. Too bad you didn't leave your name so I could thank you properly.
You're right in saying that it's difficult to find stuff NOT made in China nowadays.

Anonymous said...

the anon is from your 'tito'john in the OC

CRY said...

hi sunshine, mukhang ready-ng ready na kayo for little boy s. ah! ang ma-o-offer ko lang na advice is to consider breastfeeding. it's especially hard in the beginning (for both mom and baby) but if you both get the hang of it, malaking tipid na, sure ka pa sa quality ng milk (no melamine)-- also kelly says it really promotes bonding. by the way, we especially liked dr. brown baby bottles (prevents kabag). yun lang, ingat!

Sunshine said...

thanks, tito john! :)

cry - yes, i'll definitely breastfeed. nakaka-lose yun ng calories! baka pumayat pa ako. hehe. ok rin kasi ang weight gain ko. the weight i've recently gained is going to the baby and not to me. kaya after kong manganak, papayat pa talaga ako! (sana!)

jb virata said...

Hey Sunshine,

Cry's got it, breasfeeding is absolutely the best. Not sure how the multi-nationals market baby formula over there, but breast milk really should be the only choice IMHO, unless the mother cannot produce enough.