Sunday, September 14, 2008

Libre ang Mangarap (Dreaming is for Free)

While browsing around at the mall today, I came across two gadgets which I would want but don't have the heart to ask or buy. I'm due to give birth on January and we have to save for that.

Nevertheless, if by chance of miracle we have some extra money, there are a couple of gadgets which I want but don't really need.

This is a Nokia E71. It's specifications are a mile long so I won't elaborate. It's been such a long time since I've owned a high tech phone and I really like this. It has email, wifi, 3g, 3.2 megapixel camera, music player, fm radio, oh and it can call and text too. At least I won't be ashamed when I attend meetings and out of the high-tech phones littering the table, my current Nokia 5070 and 1110i looks so out of place.

The picture on the right is an ipod Touch. I originally wanted an iPhone but according to reviews and my friends, this is better--though it can't call or text it has the same features as an iPhone. It makes a really nice and entertaining gadget. It's originally an mp3 player (like the ipod) but it can do other things as well--save and play videos, games, surf the web (wifi) and other applications which can be downloaded from the web.

Obviously, both items are quite expensive. Around $400-450 each. Hay, libre naman ang mangarap.


MommyBa YaYaBa said...

i actually settled to prefer the itouch too over the iphone kahit na gustung-gusto ko yung iphone. first, im not a globe subscriber and lastly, the price is just a rip off.

libre ang mangarap - sabay tayo dyan! :D

JC Sobejana said...

pretty much im contented with my phone and my ipod ngayon :) goodluck! im not a gadget person pero you know what i want...non stick na calphalon cookware kahit yung frying pan na 10" lang, gusto ko rin ng furniture na ilalagay sa pagpasok ng entrance door sa bahay namin....sabitan ng coat with cabinet on top at sa ilalim nya eh bench. so nice man!!!

debbie agonoy said...

try O2 or htc. their features are nice too. and not as nakaw-tingin like nokia. i read in an htc (high tech computer) website, it was rebranded as o2 when it was sold in the us. htc, i think, originated in canada. and it uses windows. too bad, i can't put it in a 4 gb or an 8gb micro SD. technicians advise a 2gb micro SD, for it will slow down its running. am using an o2 zinc now. :>