Sunday, December 28, 2008

36 Weeks!

This is it. This is the last week of my 8th month. By next week, I'll be 37 weeks already and will be considered full term. I can give birth anytime by next week. I really really want to give birth already. My stomach is so heavy and the aches and pains have already intensified.

I think my stomach has dropped. I really don't know how a "low" stomach looks like and I'll know when I return to my doctor for my weekly check-up on Saturday. Nevertheless, I have to keep on walking and exercising.

We're off to Tagaytay tomorrow to spend the rest of the holidays there with my in-laws. We'll be back though before the New Year. We were told to bring sweaters and jackets as it's bloody cold up there. Hopefully the trip up won't be too difficult for me but I have to get out of the house and as they say, kailangang matagtag para bumaba pa yung baby.

Probably the difference this week as compared to the previous weeks is that the bathroom trips are more frequent. Previously, I only wake up once during the night to relieve myself. Sometimes, I can sleep the whole night through. Nowadays, I get up 3 to 4 times during the night and the interrupted sleep can make me cranky. I guess it's practice when the baby inevitably arrives and interrupted sleep becomes the norm.

My lower back, lower tummy and thighs are also aching which is an indication that the baby is settling and getting ready for his birth. I returned to doing my stretching exercises which somehow relieves the aches.

I've also packed my hospital bag and have had the baby's clothes washed (with Cycles, of course). The baby cabinet (chest of 4 drawers) also arrived today. Will have the clothes washed in batches so we can start storing them in the cabinet. Leo also unpacked the baby carrier/car seat (from Tita Chit!) and has prepared it for the baby. Which reminds me, we still haven't purchased a stroller yet and a bottle sterilizer. Those are the two items remaining in our list. We'll probably go sometime this week. And I still don't have a yaya!

I have prepared the nursery as best as I could. Although we'll be moving the crib in our room to make breastfeeding easier. I'll probably try it until I return to work and will go for mixed feeding.

Ok, wish me luck! Please pray for an uncomplicated delivery and for the baby to come out safe and healthy.

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