Saturday, December 20, 2008


I've watched The Madz perform live only once and it was an experience to remember. I remember that it was at the Philamlife Theater around five years ago. Though I barely understood half of their repertoire, it was such an uplifting experience. They inspired me when I joined a church choir in Mandaluyong and they were my basis when I chose a choir for my wedding last year (asa pa ako to afford them).

When AIG gifted my officemate a special edition CD of their love songs three or four years ago, I immediately borrowed it and listened to it again and again. Too bad it was not for sale as everyone wanted a copy of it.

I've been wanting to watch them perform live again but I keep on forgetting to buy tickets. When I saw in their multiply site that they're raffling away tickets to one of their concerts and all we had to do was just tell them why we deserve to win tickets, I immediately wrote down my answer -- I deserve to win free tickets because I'm 34 weeks pregnant and during my pregnancy, I made it a point to let my unborn baby listen to your music. My baby and I (together with my husband) would definitely love to hear you sing live. -- and I was the first contestant! Haha! Winners will be announced in their site. They would have featured videos on their site and there was this video which my baby loved listening to. I can still remember the kick he gave when he heard the baritone voice of Jonathan Zaens singing "Bring Him Home".

Due to several commitments the past two days, I was not able to check my email or the site and when I logged in this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was one of the lucky winners! Yay yay yay!

It is indeed God's will that we get to watch as I thought the concert was initially scheduled tonight when we also received a late notice of dinner with one of Leo's aunts. But the concert turned out to be at 3PM at the CCP--enough time for us to make it to dinner just across the street (Dragon Gate).

So even if I only had four hours sleep tonight due to a late Christmas party last night, I am so looking forward to hearing my favourite choir sing live. No doubt my baby will be kicking his joy tonight as well. It's my best Christmas present ever!

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Nonie David Carluen said...

..... and your good luck continues. gee sunshine - all i can say is you sure are one lucky ducky.