Wednesday, May 28, 2008

David Cook on The Soup

I love watching "The Soup" and try to catch it on TV as much as I can (quite difficult as it shows at odd times). Joel McHale's so funny I remember he even judged once in Iron Chef America and he was so funny.

Anyway, he featured AI and David Cook in this segment. It's absolutely hilarious!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When Will It End?

I was on sick leave twice last week and when I returned to work today, I was still feeling nauseous. Up to now, there's still this feeling that my stomach wants to expel whatever I ate throughout the day. It's just sheer willpower that's stopping me from running to the restroom to throw up my dinner.

On a happy note, my in-laws are back from their vacation in the US. I got my requested books (Eclipse and New Moon!) and the new People Puzzler! My mom-in-law also got me nifty pair of walking shoes and maternity clothes. Ninang Mike (Leo's Ninang and our Ninang at our wedding) also gave us a calendar from Shutterfly which featured our wedding photos. (I love the cover of the calendar. How come I didn't see those in the pictures. I must've missed it from all the hundreds of photos).

On another happier note, I FINALLY got my non-pro driver's license. Yahoo! Other than having the privelege of being able to drive a motor vehicle, I have another valid ID that has my married name. Yay!

During the review for our driver's exam, I was shocked to learn that the penalty for DUI is only P2,000!!! That's only 50 freaking dollars! However in the exam (which should be the same as the reviewer they gave us), it was indicated that the person caught could also be imprisoned, but the length of imprisonment was not indicated. Whoever is in charge of indicating the penalties should really change that. It's really pathetic. No wonder we have idiots being featured in the news everyday who gets into a car accident because they were drunk or high in drugs.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time of My Life - David Cook

DAVID COOK WON! DAVID COOK WON! DAVID COOK WON! I've never been so happy over a damned tv show. I wasn't this happy since Taylor Hicks won. But well, David Cook is different. He's just really awesome! I LOVE DAVID COOK!!!! I'll buy all his albums and I'll watch all his shows. Pramis!

When he sang this song, I wanted to scream. I've been surfing for videos of him and pictures. Gosh. I just want to listen and look at him all day. Haha!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pregnancy Woes

It somehow hasn't really sunk in that I'm pregnant. Except for the really bad bout of nausea and vomitting, I still feel the same.

Leo has been very supportive over the whole thing, especially last night. I texted him that I threw up 4 times already and felt really horrible. He left work early to buy me Gatorade and finished working here at home while watching over me.

I was touched when I woke up and saw a packet of low salt high fibre crackers on my bedside table with instructions to eat them before I got out of bed. My husband is so thoughtful.

My goal now is to survive the first trimester. Please pray that we'll have a really healthy baby. I can't wait for my ultrasound and see that little dot (according to my OB. A dot is what we'll see on my first ultrasound) and hear the heartbeat. Maybe then it will really sink in that a little life is growing inside me.

Vote for David Cook

Well, since they won't allow internet voting, I can only hope that people in the US will vote for him.

Here's one video of him singing his own version of "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi. This guy really rocks!

Gosh, I wish they'll bring him here. I so love his voice. (sigh) Can I let my baby listen to his music? Hehe.

Monday, May 19, 2008

3 Tests and 2 Pink Lines

After 3 pregnancy tests later and all test having 2 pink lines,  I guess it's safe to assume that we're pregnant! :)

I'm officially 6 weeks along although this might change depending on what the doctor will see on the ultrasound scheduled on June 5. I'm due on Jan 13 or 20. Again, official due date will be given after the ultrasound.

I'm beginning to feel the symptoms. I threw up last Saturday and I threw up again this evening.  I really could do away with the nausea and throwing up.

As per my OB, I'm just on calcium and folic acid. I'll be given multivitamins after my 12th week.

Anyway, excuse me while I throw up again. Blegh.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bloody Murder

I saw the news article when it was forwarded to me in the office early this afternoon. But since I was busy, I didn't have the time to read it. When my husband picked me up later this evening, he mentioned about the robbery that became murder.

I was horrified when I read the whole thing, especially in the cnn article where they said that bank robberies are common in the Philippines but not this bloody. I'm affected maybe because I also work for a bank and this definitely will make me not want to request for a transfer to the branch near our house anytime soon.  

When I used to be in another department in our bank, I used to also look into branch operations and I saw the risk that they face everyday. Branch staff are even trained on how to deal with robberies and though how sad, I do agree with the CNN article. Bank robbers just comes in, declares a hold-up, gets the cash and makes the get-away. This is the first time in a long time that the bank staff were killed.

The family of the victims are in my prayers because until the murderers are caught, they will live their lives without any closure.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Been Awhile

This week has been very busy for me as we were preparing for an important meeting today. Good thing we prepared well as the meeting was not as painful as compared to the previous one. It did last for four hours and went through lunch (1030am to 230pm. No break for lunch. Go figure). By the time we were done, all of us (except for the bosses) went to the nearby Max's and shared our frustrations over our respective chicken meals.

Sadly though, I missed hearing mass to commemorate the first death anniversary of my paternal grandmother. I did leave a big flower basket at Dita last Sunday. Lola would've loved the arrangement. There's even a violet rose there somewhere (or is that another type???).

I know I don't miss her as much as my Dad and his siblings. But there are times that I feel that something's missing; that something's different.

Lola, we miss you. I know you're in your happy place, moreover with Lolo being with you now. Please continue to watch over us as we go through our lives. Help us make the right choices and to live the rest of our lives fulfilled and happy. We love you!

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author:Stephenie Meyer
Leo persuaded me to buy this book a few months ago. Since I buy almost a new book or magazine each week, it sort of became part of my book backlog and was delegated to the bottom of the stack on my bedside table. Leo found the book for me while we browsing at Powerbooks. He pointed it out to me as it was at the Young Adult section. He told me that it's really good and that I should buy it.

However, I was beginning to catch up and started reading it early this week and after the first few pages, I was hooked. I was so mad at myself why I managed to put off reading it for so long.

Anyway, where should I start with the review?

When I knew that I would like the book, I immediately notified my rpg group and told them about it. Being the sci fi/fantasy lovers they are, I'm sure they would like this as well. One of them asked me to post a review and now that I'm done, I really don't know how to start it.

Well, first of all, the main character of the book is a 17-year old teenager named Bella Swan. She moved to a small town from Phoenix. She met a pale, "beautiful" boy named Edward Cullen in school and who she learned later on is a vampire; and they fell in love. I'll stop at that as I might give out spoilers.

Quite simple isn't it? Maybe that's why I liked it. The story is so clean and not like other typical vampire stories where they focus on the sensuality of the vampires and how they "turn" other people. This one focused on their relationship and with their respective families. Yes, Edward belongs to a family of vampires too and get this, the patriarch is a doctor. He works in the hospital and he's quite an old vampire to control his urge to drink blood when he attends to his patients.

After finishing the book, I immediately rushed to Powerbooks to buy the next two books, "New Moon" and "Eclipse". Much to my disappointment, I was told that all books are out of stock. I asked if there are any available copies in other branches and they're ALL OUT OF STOCK! That's how popular the books are!

I quickly emailed my in-laws who are currently in the US to look for the books and bring them home for me as pasalubong. I still haven't heard from my father-in-law and I do hope that he finds them.

I hope there is more I can say about it. I definitely recommend it to my friends and I hope they can still find copies where I have failed.

Check out the author's website:

According to the site, the series will be made into a movie! I can't wait how that will turn out.