Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Power to Change Someone Else's Life

Being a department head, one of my tasks is to fill in vacancies either due to transfers or added volume.

I run an operations-intensive department so manpower is an important factor that I really need to monitor to ensure that I am properly capacitized for incoming production volume. As the tasks involved are quite boring, my turnover can be quite high.

To fill in my current vacancies, I had our existing project hires take the exam given by our HR for the first filter. I was surprised at the low passing rate. I don't know if our education system has sorely deteriorated or if the exam given is difficult but whatever the case, I was left with enough people to fill in my vacancies.

I personally interviewed them one by one to see if they have the potential to become leaders in the future. I saw something in them that I like--a certain spark that I haven't seen for a long time. Moreover, I learned that all of them came from not well-off families and are even supporting their siblings. There is one who is the only college graduate among his cousins and siblings and he is quite proud of that achievement. Somehow, I think someone with that kind of pride can be capable of accomplishing something great.

I am proud to say that the people I've personally hired in my old company have not disappointed me so far. There are fall-offs but there are those who have excelled in their current positions. My greatest dream is to actually have someone say that I have inspired and influenced them to be performers and achievers. Knowing that I made a difference to just one person, is enough fulfillment for me.

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