Saturday, March 03, 2012

Clash of the Titans

One of the reasons why I left my previous job was that I was looking for more challenge. My previous employer is considered as #1 in its chosen industry. I felt that I had nothing more to contribute to its growth and I felt so lost in the organization due to its size.

Maybe what urged me to quit was when I found the personal strategic vision that our STRAMA professor made us write before. I mentioned this: "My core purpose is to make most of the talents that I have been given to be able to fully give justice in all the roles I play in my life."

Thus, when this new job was offered to me, I accepted after I got excited over the challenge that came with it. I was also hoping that it will let me use my talents to give justice to my role as an employee.

Of course, fitting into a new company is not that easy even if half of the heads are my friends or acquaintances. I clashed with one of my team leaders last week but fortunately, I was able to fix it before it got out of hand. I guess I ruffled some feathers that are not meant to be ruffled. We made peace the next day and made some promises to each other which we both intend to keep.

In order for me to get to know my team better (I have 50+ people in my department with 4 team leaders), I had my TLs take the strengths finder test to help me tap their strengths into furthering the goals of the department and our company. Moreover, knowing their strengths will help me manage them better.

I was fortunate to find out that they are all fit into their respective roles. I just have to develop those further and hopefully, give them the right motivation to help them succeed. I'm sad to say that the image of my team has been tarnished in the past due to non-performance and a lot of errors and I am trying my best to change that. Luckily, we made our first good impression when we hit our target (which according to them) has not been hit in months. Hopefully, this will continue.

Yesterday, I managed to show my bitchy side (again) to a person in another department. According to my friend in the company, I don't have to apologize as he also has a notorious reputation and he probably deserved my bitchy attitude. However, I still have to respect the person and his position (although I do outrank him). I don't know though if he does deserve it after he poached into my ranks when I'm not even a month into the job. (On a side note, I hope the person that he's trying to recruit from my team would change his mind after giving him my counter-offer. He's one of my team performers and I know I can give him more opportunities than this other person). Oh well, being the new guy, I guess I have to bend.

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