Friday, March 23, 2012

Ten Years From Now

I asked my staff at work to write down a 150-word essay answering the abovementioned question. It's such a cliche topic but I really just wanted to gauge their grammatical skills as their emails to me are mostly "acknowledged" or "noted". I just wanted to see their grasp on the english language as I am looking for ripe people who I can promote to officers.

I had to go through more than 30+ essays earlier and I only managed to find less than 5 people with average grammar skills that I can depend on to not embarrass me if they would send email to the bosses. However, I was deeply touched with what all of them wrote. I managed to read through the grammatical errors for me to see the message that they were trying to get across.

It inspired me to write my own essay reflecting on the above topic. Here it is:

I was asked this question more than a decade ago and I never thought I would end up where I am right now. All I wanted then was to have a job and live each day as it comes. I refused to make big goals or have dreams because back then, I was afraid to fail.

I later learned that it is not the goal that really counts but the road towards my goal. I would never trade all the hardships and disappointments that I experienced throughout my journey. I also realized that I can fail along the way and the world will not end. I learned from my mistakes and became stronger because of them. To some, my achievements may be relatively insignificant but to me, they are products of my hard work and determination and I am extremely proud of them. Nobody can tell me otherwise.

If it would be possible, I would want to retire ten years from now and live a simple life with my husband. I would want to travel the world and see different cultures and people. I would want to see my son grow up and be successful in his chosen field and maybe even play with my future grandchildren.

Ten years from now, I want to truly say with all my heart, that when the time comes that I would be called by my Maker, I could say that I have lived a life that has been greatly and fully lived.

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