Saturday, February 01, 2014

Thankful - Feb 1

Let me see, what are the 5 things that I'm thankful for today?

1. Alarm clock woke me up - for this past week, I've been waking up at 430AM regardless of what time I slept. To think my alarm is set at 5:15 in the morning. So when my alarm woke me up earlier, it felt great as it means I was able to get the amount of sleep that I wanted.

2. Road trip yesterday with my staff - I set out to Pansol, Laguna yesterday with three of my staff to look at possible places for our summer outing. It wasn't easy for them as I requested that they come to Alabangfrom Quezon City. It was a nice experience for me as I was able to bond and chat with as I am not able to do as much while we're in the office. I was also able to tour them around my neck of the woods as a couple of them have not been here before.

3. Relatively easy day in school - I have such great students. I'm glad that they listen to me and teaching them is not hard. I was also able to give them their midterm grades without any fuss or violent reactions at all.

4. Unavailability of my epass replacement - My ePass is relatively new. We got it on November 2011 that's why I was quite surprised when it suddenly did not want to work anymore. When I went to the ePass office after school earlier, they mentioned that it's already defective and I should get a new one. However, they further mentioned that they're out of stock so I have to return to get the new unit. Though it's a big hassle for me, I consider it as a blessing as it's a way to teach me patience as the lines at the tollway can be a test to one's patience.

5. The Internet - the internet is a wonderful thing. I was able to look for answers for my lecture today over the net. Students have it easy nowadays. Information is readily available at the tap of a finger while before, we would have to make library trips just to find what we need.

Thank you, Lord!

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