Monday, February 03, 2014

Thankful - Feb 3

Things to be thankful for today:

1. My son celebrating his 5th birthday in school - It has become a tradition for us to celebrate his birthdays in whatever school he's attending at that time. It started on his 2nd birthday when we had it with his Kindermusik classmates. When he started toddler school, we celebrated his 3rd and 4th birthdays there. Since he'll be going to DLSZ next year, this is the only time that he'll be celebrating it at TLC. I hope I can make a better collage of his birthdays in the future. I'm also proud and thankful that he's now blowing the candles on his cake. For the past four years, he was so scared of blowing them (something to do with his fear of fireworks) so when he blew the candles earlier, I was so proud.

2. Lunch with a good friend - Had lunch with my friend Eu today. It was rather a spur of the moment thing as I found myself free the rest of the day. I called her up and we met up at Pasto in Paseo. I really treasure her friendship and I miss her everyday. Though our work places are relatively near, it's still a big pain going from one city to the other (she's in Makati while I'm in Taguig) as traffic can be quite unpredictable. She's my best sounding board. Whenever I have something that's troubling me, she's the first person that I immediately go to and she doesn't judge. She's a great listener and I'm 100% sure that whatever I tell her will stay with her.

3. Ice cream time with my son - when I got home in the afternoon, I brought Basti to the playground where we bought ice cream and snacks at Rustan's. Unfortunately, I had some pressing things that was waiting for my response so we only stayed for less than an hour. At least he's able to eat his Magnum and Cracklings (what a combination!).

4. Conversation with Basti's teacher - we were in school today to bring food to Basti's classmates and watched them sing to Happy Birthday. While the kids were eating, the teacher and I spoke about my son. It's great that she validated my observation that Basti's quite a bright young child. He actually has the capacity to perfect his exams but since he's always in a hurry, he tends to mis-read the directions and thus his mistakes. He's also quite behaved in school (quite opposite of his behavior here at home where he will not think twice of throwing a tantrum) and is learning to be more responsible. I am so proud.

5. Reserved for Basti's Kinder DLSZ enrollment - We learned last Thursday that my son passed the entrance exam of DLSZ. The first thing we had to do to confirm the enrollment was pay the rather hefty development fee. As we were adamant that our son would have a La Sallian education (my husband is a true-green blooded La Sallian from Prep to MBA. I only went to La Salle for College and MBA), we hurriedly paid the fee this morning (installment, of course). I'm thankful that we had the funds to make this happen and to ensure that our offspring would have the best education that we can afford. Enrollment will be on the 18th and I'm already dreading to see how much his tuition would be.

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