Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 (Mid-Season)

Walking Dead has been on TV for four years now and their ratings are off the charts!

I've always been deathly scared of zombies but I think this show numbed me towards these things. I can now watch Walking Dead anytime of the day without worrying whether I'll be dreaming of zombies that night. I can't wait for next week when the mid-season episode premiers (Monday morning, Philippine time). Good thing Fox decided to show the new episode on the same day it premiers in the US. No more waiting until Saturday or looking for good online copies.

The storyline is so gripping. I can't wait to find out what happens to the survivors--whether they will all meet up again. After killing Hershel in the last episode, I think we're due for a treat or at least a better ending where Judith is concerned.

This so reminds me of Game of Thrones where they killed off the lead actor before the first season even ended. But then if you're a fan of the books, it would've been very expected.

The last episode made me think who I would want to be stuck with in case everyone disperses separately. I would definitely want to escape with Daryl. He's so bad-ass although I hope he gets a better weapon. It's so hard to reload a cross-bow. He just looks so awesome whenever he fires it. No wonder I always create characters with bows as her weapon of choice when I play D&D.

Can't wait til Monday!

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