Monday, February 03, 2014

R.I.P Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman
(July 23, 1967 – February 2, 2014)
I woke up to the news of his death this morning and I was shocked. I just saw him in Catching Fire the other week. I suddenly remembered his other movies and how much he entertained me.

I first saw him The Talented Mr. Ripley with Matt Damon and Jude Law and I just remembered him. And there's also him as a slimey reporter in Red Dragon and his award-winning performance in Capote.

According to reports, he died due to drug overdose. That's rather disturbing (well, a lot of well-known personalities have passed away due to overdose--there's Cory Monteith and Heath Ledger), but could he be that talented because of the drugs? What would he be without them?

Nevertheless, it's still a big loss and he will be sorely missed. May his soul rest in peace.

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