Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Anemia Problems

My Red Blood Count and other related items during my CBC are always low. However, in my recent blood test, I saw my hemoglobin count at its lowest. I was really alarmed. It was normal considering that I'm pregnant but it seems I really do have thalassemia, contrary to the test conducted 9 years ago.

Nevertheless, I'm striving to pull that up lest I would need a blood transfusion during my caesarean operation this coming March. I had to take a leave today as I woke up feeling dizzy--an effect from my anemia. I thought I can sleep it off but I felt really awful the whole day making me miss the birthday dinner of my husband's nephew.

I'm already taking iron in my supplements (Sangobian Pre-Natal) and Folic Acid with iron. But it feels like it's not enough so I need to eat more green leafy vegetables to bring my iron up. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow. I need to hit the ground running this January considering I'll be going on maternity leave by March.

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