Thursday, January 05, 2017

I Recommend...

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid whatsoever for this post. These are based on my own experiences and have not contacted the vendor to ask for remuneration.


I love this shopping site. All of the stuff that I bought from them fit me perfectly. Whenever something arrives that does not fit, I can easily return them through LBC. And if they cannot find a replacement, they just credit my e-wallet. I really do not mind as I find their inventory really extensive. Maybe the only drawback is that they only sell clothes and accessories. But their customer service is quite excellent.


It's been almost 10 years since I got married and that was the last time I dealt with Alex Franco. But his cakes continue to haunt me as they are absolutely delicious! I again tasted his cake during our NewlywedsAtWork Christmas party last December and it's as wonderful as I remember them to be.

I called him last week as we wanted to order a cake for Alden. But he's fully booked. However, what amazed me was that he still remembers me after almost 10 years! I'll definitely buy another cake from him in the soon--for personal consumption!


For a shopping site that's not well know, all my ordered items were delivered promptly and with no delay. Don't expect high-end products though as you get what you paid for. I'm just impressed with their delivery turn around time and I never had to email them to follow-up my orders.

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