Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Pregnancy Announcement

My pregnancy announcement posted in my IG and FB accounts

I just realized that I did not post this in my blog when I announced my pregnancy last July 23, 2016.

It's really amazing as I didn't know nor did we plan this pregnancy. We've always wanted another baby but I accepted that we will only have one child when I celebrated my 40th birthday on December 2015. 

But God had other plans.

I went to Japan last June for a work-related trip and all the walking restarted my reproductive system. There were no obvious symptoms of my pregnancy and I was not really expecting it. I did notice that I would get frequent flare-ups of my allergies (hives and asthma attacks) and I would be so tired at the end of the day. One morning, I almost fell asleep on the wheel of my car driving to work--to think I did not drink any medicine and slept within the proper hours the night before. I shared this with my colleague and she was the one that prompted me to take a pregnancy test.

Still disbelieving, I went home that night and took one. I shouted in the bathroom when I saw the two lines. After all those years of testing, there are two lines. I called out to my husband and he was also surprised (although I did give him a smack when he asked how it happened. Duh! He was there and participated during the whole thing!).

When it did sink in though, I started crying. For one, I was not prepared for it. I've already conditioned myself that I will no longer be caring for an infant and my husband and I are already 40 years old! How old will we be when our youngest reaches college? But what really contributed to the tears was that I was not taking care of myself the past few weeks. I was drinking antihistamines to address my allergies and I couldn't remember if I drank any alcohol the previous weeks.

I immediately had an ultrasound which confirmed the pregnancy and the presence of a heartbeat which also made me cry. Regardless of my lack of knowledge, my baby was ok.

However, I got sick the week after with the flu. I had to drink antibiotics which made me worry more. I was on leave for a week as the fever wouldn't abate. I was so worried about my baby but it turned out ok. And then my allergies also got worse wherein I would cough badly at work. Turns out, I was having full blown asthma attacks. I was made to rest again and was pumped with 3 different kinds of inhalers.

Here I am on my 29th week, almost at the finish line. We're having another baby boy, much to my consternation, but my husband's contentment. I really wanted a girl but as long as this one is healthy, I'm ok.

Prayers are very much requested as I'll be having another caesarean operation and I'm fearful that recovery won't be the same as my first considering my age. This pregnancy is so much different compared to the first that it's more difficult.

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