Sunday, March 13, 2005

Have a break...

Went to the birthday celebration of my SO's father. We had lunch together with some close relatives at the rooftop of Vivere. The food is really good! To think I was not initially impressed when I first ate there a few weeks ago. Difference was that we had the buffet. The food is really divine coupled with the view makes dining there a wonderful experience. It's also relatively cheap! Around Php510/person. Not bad considering you pay almost the same amount at Dad's where the food is already so-so. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Currently in the middle of updating our Prodman paper due on Friday. SO took me home early so we can both get started on our respective papers. Coupled with the stress at work, I don't know how I manage.

I'm also thinking of taking only one subject next term. Probably a Saturday at that. I'm always needed at work, moreover with the new developments. With the resignation of my good friend, my boss is also moving to another department. Learned that the OIC is also moving after a couple of months. He mentioned that I might be taking his place and I just laughed. That would be pretty ironic considering if I do accept that responsibility, I will be handling assistant managers whereas I'm just a lowly junior officer. We'll see how everything goes.

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