Saturday, March 12, 2005

Stress and Allergies

Seems I've only been writing about negative stuff lately. Can't help it when everything seems to be happening all at the same time.

Our DSL has not been working for the past four days. Called up PLDT and they kept on giving us the run around. We were supposed to have some technicians come over since last Friday, but they keep on giving us reasons. The latest reason which they gave was that they got lost. That was very hard to believe considering that they've been here before and I'm sure they have a map on file. How can they get lost?

Due to the need for an internet connection, I was forced to purchase prepaid internet cards. It's amazing how cheap they have become. About a couple of years ago, a 100 peso internet card can give you 9 to 10 hours. The two cards that I bought are a hundred pesos each and both having 20 hours or so internet time EACH!

My lip allergy also acted up again. I had a reporting last Thursday so I had to put on make-up. Unfortunately, my lips still did not like the VMV Hypoallergenics lipstick that I bought. My lips swelled and dark spots formed around the lip edges. The nurse prescribed a non-drowsy antihistamine and it's still hurting up to now. I was advised to stay away from lipsticks. (Woe is me!)

School is also beginning to suck big-time. I have a group paper that's due this Friday. Unfortunately, the group that I'm stuck with is the most difficult group that I have ever worked with in my whole stay in school. They elected me as group leader since I'm the only girl. Unfortunately, they're all very opinionated and most of our bull sessions become literally bull sessions. They all don't want to listen to one another. It's becoming more difficult for me to handle them. Our professor gave us less than three weeks to come up with a paper that we will defend at the end of the term. I want to beat them up and stuff their butts into trash cans. Ugh!

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MommyBa said...

I just hope you'll have greater luck than I did in having your DSL connection fixed. Believe me, my problem started in September 2004 and until now (after everything has been done and changed), we're still observing the situation. Talk about good service, huh!

Good luck sister!