Sunday, March 06, 2005


I seldom shop. In a year, I only go marathon shopping twice. I did that today. Don't ask me how much I spent, although I spent half of the amount for my family (new router for our dsl/lan connection, stuff for my unborn niece/nephew and weekly groceries).

There's something therapeutic in shopping. Wandering into a store and finding something that grabs my fancy is so exciting. That's why I only go shopping if I have money. Otherwise, I don't even try to windowshop. I hate seeing something I like and being not able to buy it. I hate living with the thought that it will be gone the next time I see it, so I try to buy it on the spot. It maybe compulsive buying that's why I have only one credit card in my wallet and it's the one wherein I HAVE to pay in full every cycle (transactor. BSP DOSRI requirement).

Anyway, I have tons of stuff to accomplish tonight. I was supposed to be on leave for the next three days, but my reliever is in the hospital due to a heart problem. Being the dutiful (*cough*martyr*cough) employee that I am, I asked my boss if she needs me tomorrow and she did ask me to come in. So my planned trip to the parlor and the masseuse is now put on hold.

I listed down all the stuff that I needed to finish. I have a paper due for Prodman next week, an accounting case due tomorrow, an accounting final paper due at the end of the term and other stuff which I can't seem to sort in my mind.

Might as well get started.

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