Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Different Seasons

People have their favorites months and hated months in a year. Some would love summer, while others would love Christmas. To his her own.

For me, I love the summer months. I could do without the heat, but summer reminds me of beaches and I happen to love beaches (even if I haven't been to one this recent summer). I love summer more than Christmas. Maybe I've become too jaded already that I've equated Christmas with sky-rocket spending (I already have 10 godchildren and counting. It does not help that my birthday falls a mere 3 weeks before Christmas).

But my most hated month of the whole year is June. Ever since I started working for my current employer, I've observed that June is the worst month for me. It's the time when I start to harbor thoughts of moving to another company. It's also the time wherein I'm really stressed about work and my life. This year, add finances to that list. I think I've already failed the Debt Burden Ratio. It's time I find a higher paying job so I can fund my debts. It's really embarassing. I'm a credit person and my finances are shot. I need help.

It's not that I have banks running after me. I make sure that I pay my bills on time so the collectors will leave me alone. But my dispensable income is quickly shrinking. I don't know whether I have a spending problem or I have a saving problem. Whatever it is, it's really turning into a BIG problem.

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Mindy said...

Lol. I also dislike June, bagyo season. :) But I dislike April more. It's a sad month. La lang...