Saturday, June 18, 2005

I Could Not Ask For More

Leo and I had a big fight last night. I don't know if it's major but my chest hurt and I could not cry. What made matters worse, we were fighting over text/phone. It was the wrong way to fight because you cannot properly express how you feel. I ended up writing an email and he responded.

We've somehow reached some sort of truce. We're not really breaking up and we still love each other, although there are some issues between us that we need to settle. We're meeting up tomorrow so we can talk things over.

It has been really a tough week. The fight was the perfect culmination to the worst week of my life. Anyway, the week is over and I should stop bitching and get on with my life.

It wasn't easy though. I learned early this week that my mom got married already, and then work and financial problems abounded. And then I had to contend with school. And then the fight last night. What a week!

But a very wise person in the form of my beloved aunt in England said, I should stop feeling sorry for myself and not let any of these things affect my work and other responsibilities. She further mentioned that instead of letting these events kill me, I should use them to shape my character and make me stronger. I'll surely try my best.


"I Could Not Ask For More" is a song by Edwin McCain. After writing my latest email to Leo, I attached the MP3 of this song. Like any other couple, Leo and I have our issues but I'm still happy with our relationship and I could not ask for anyone more.

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