Tuesday, June 28, 2005

An Old Swiss Inn

To celebrate our 16th month of togetherness, Leo and I had dinner at Old Swiss Inn over at Makati Avenue. My officemates have good things to say about the place so I asked Leo whether we could have dinner there tonight. Being the accomodating boyfriend that he is, he readily agreed.

We immediately fell out of place upon entering the place. Most of its patrons were foreigners and "old" foreigners at that. I think we're the youngest people there (excluding a group that was seated beside us who had teenagers with them--fil-am teenagers at that). We ordered soup (which was really delicious) and neptune fondue.

Over-all, there's nothing extraordinary about the place. Maybe we chose the wrong fondue, but it was nothing different than the shabu-shabu that you would have at Tongyang's. Heck, I'll be more full in Tongyang's.

Our bill was over a thousand bucks and I don't think it was a thousand bucks well spent (we can pay the same amount at Italianni's, but that would mean barely getting out of our chairs due to the amount of food we could've consumed). You paid for the ambiance and that's it. Next time (if ever there's a next time), I'm getting the chocolate fondue--at least it's Toblerone chocolate.


Norrie Blackeby said...

A thousand??? I supposed I am not used to huge numbers. I would prefer your Tongyangs by the sound of it. Pick out a nice place when I treat you and Leo.
See you next week.

rmacapobre said...

16 months!! congrats ^_^