Monday, June 13, 2005

Movie of the Year (or month. The year is not over yet) -- Batman Begins

Leo and I are movie freaks. Leo likes intelligent movies, while I just watch movies to be entertained. Don't expect me to immediately understand the underlying stories that a movie tells. More often than not, Leo has to explain pertinent points to me. But nevertheless, we both enjoy movies.

A date for us is not complete without watching a movie. There was a time wherein we watched four movies in one weekend. And we (he) don't mind paying a premium fee just to watch a movie in comfortable surroundings--i.e. nice comfortable seats, spacious legroom and a quiet audience. Yes, I'm one of those anal people who "shushes" people who talk over 1 decibel in a moviehouse. Actually, I don't "shush" them. I just give them an "evil" look. Leo and I frequent Greenbelt 3, Greenbelt 1, Powerplant, Eastwood and Shangri-la cinemas because of the really good theaters. In terms of seats, legroom and movie crowd, they all pass our stringent requirements.

A few months ago, we tried watching at Market! Market! You don't have to wonder why it's in my "Not Recommended" list. Our mistake was, we watched a Chinese Kung-fu movie at a C-D crowd mall (Kung-Fu Hustle). We had the misfortune to seat beside a bunch of teenagers who LOUDLY gave a blow by blow account of what was happening in the screen to his seatmate! For crying out loud! They're BOTH watching the movie. Why do they have to broadcast what the people in the screen are doing? "Wow, pare! Ang galing nung Kung Fu! Kita mo yon, pare?! Patay sila doon sa bida, pare!"

I know I sound snobbish, but I place high value with regards to my movie watching experience. Noisy people is a pet peeve of mine (especially those who doesn't turn off or keep their phones in silent mode while in the cinema).

Which brings me to our movie experience today with Batman Begins.

Leo got a text a few days ago from Globe saying that the first 400 Gentexters who will line up at Glorietta 4 today will be able to watch a special screening of Batman Begins. Since we're not to argue with free tickets, and being a day of no work and classes, Leo and I planned on lining up to watch Batman Begins.

Leo picked me up early, and after having lunch and foot spa, we proceeded to Glorietta 4. It was only 3 pm then. Since it was too early for the booth people to be there, we decided to walk around the mall and return by 5 pm (according to the text message, the Gentext booth will start issuing tickets by 6 pm).

By 5 pm, there was already a line snaking around Glorietta 4. We took our place in the line and stood there waiting for the booth people to get organized. They started issuing tickets at around 6:30 pm and we reached the booth sometime after 7 (Leo and I are nos. 56 and 57 respectively). I dutifully presented my Gentext card and the girl in the booth DOUBTED that I was a Globe subscriber since I did not have the Globe broadcast message. That somehow irked me because it was obvious that these people have no idea what they are doing (they're "talents" and not actual Globe people). In the first place, I have no broadcast message because I turned my Alerts off and she has no reason of doubting my subscription because my mobile phone's network SIM specifically says, and I quote, "Globe Telecom-PH". Apparently, a broadcast message has more weight than a valid Gentext card and my phone showing the Globe network. Man, what kind of convoluted reasoning is that? Anyway, the booth-girl must be feeling that I was starting to get pissed so she backed off and gave me my ticket, saying that my Gentext card is still valid. Duh!

We got inside the theater at around 730 pm and the movie started at 8 pm. So all in all, we waited for 3 freaking hours just to watch Batman Begins in advance, whereas it will be shown in cinemas on Wednesday. Yes, we saved around Php300 in movie fees, but I don't think it's worth the 3 hours that we fell in line just to get the tickets. I could have been more productive in those three hours! But heck, who am I to argue with free tickets? Besides, I was with my lovidoods. Nothing much lost there. However, I'm not looking forward to doing this again.

Image Hosted by BATMAN BEGINS

Though I have complained about the whole process of getting a ticket, I have no complaints whatsoever with regards to the movie. It's a very exceptional movie and the actors, the director and especially the scriptwriter really managed to put things very well together. There was actually character development and it somehow emphasized on Batman as a normal human being and not someone who was blessed/cursed with supernatural powers. He did not get his powers from a lightning strike, spider bite, a glowing stone or an explosion. He got his powers from simply training his body to be more than natural. He overcame his fear and became fear itself.

The story explained a lot of things which the previous Batman movies failed to do. Like where Bruce got his "toys" and costume. His stuff actually looked like he made them and not manufactured by a toy company. There's no campy yellow background on the logo and instead, everything's all black. And watch out for the Batmobile! It's the best among the previous Batmobiles (you can never go wrong with a souped up Hummer). As Lt. Gordon said (superbly played by Gary Oldman, although I wish he has more scenes), "I'm gonna get myself one of those."

I have no complaints about the movie. But I was again cursed on having a seatmate who talks a lot. Fortunately, she saw my "evil stare" and kept her mouth shut for the rest of the movie.

I also had an asthma attack after leaving the mall. The cinema was freezing cold and when we got out of the cinema, the humidity and heat struck me full on the face and I literally bent over when the breath left my lungs. Instead of orginally walking back to Greenbelt 1 (all the other exits are closed. It was after all, 1030 pm), Leo and I took a taxi back. It was a bad attack because I was wheezing and I really could not breathe. Damn weather.

Oh well, Batman Begins is a movie which I won't mind seeing again. Christian Bale is the best Batman there is. I have no complaints whatsoever (heck, he doesn't need a scuplted suit to show his physique. You should watch out for scenes when he gets out of bed and starts doing push ups. Those biceps! Those abs! That back! *drool*)


Mindy said...

"He overcame his fear and became fear itself."

Ito ba yung story na pinakita na may dark side talaga si Batman?

My hubby and I were just talking about this the other night, kung pareha lang kay Michael Keaton na Batman or may pagka-Dark Knight na Batman si Christian Bale.

Nice review. Mas excited pa ako dito kesa sa Mr. & Mrs Smith. :)

Sunshine said...

actually, it just explained how batman came to be--up to the minute detail. you get to appreciate his character.

iba yung pagka-batman niya. siguro dark night yung dating. serious talaga. galing!