Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Constantine and Mig

The Inquirer featured my favourite "idols" in their front page today. Constantine Maroulis (American Idol finalist) arrived in the same flight as Mig Ayesa (Inx's Rockstar finalist). I would very much want to catch Constantine in his shows but unfortunately, I won't be available during the times of his shows--both in Greenbelt and Town Center. Plus, I just realized that I don't adore him enough to jostle and wrestle with hundreds of other people just to see him. I guess I'll just admire him from afar (sigh).

As for Mig, he's early for his Dec. 1 concert since he was scheduled to sing in the Ad Congress closing. I wish I can watch all those concerts. Sigh.

Ah, speaking of the Ad Congress, their current radio ads are hilariously funny! There's the one with the diva singing "Per DTI permit 1007 series of 2005". But the one that really had Leo and I laughing our heads off was the one that had them using the name game to advertise generic names of medicines.

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