Friday, November 25, 2005

How the years have passed....

I lifted this from Chuyie, who in turn, lifted it from Vince. Reading it made me reflect on my life as well. Just in time for my 30th birthday.

25 years ago

I just added this since I just found out that I'm 5 years older than Chuyie. Gosh, what was I doing when I was 5 years old? Ah yes, my twin sister and I were enrolled at Think N' Try. I think it's a tradition for our family to study in that small nursery school in San Antonio Village. I remember celebrating our birthday there with a cake with the Little Twin Stars as decoration. I still have a picture of that event with Mrs. Tugade in the background.

20 years ago

Gosh, when you grow older, your memory gets more blurry. When I was 10, I saw my cousins who were based in the US for the first time. They came over to visit and I bonded with Dawn, the middle child (and a smart one at that). They told me about their home and it made me want to visit them at California. I started dreaming of what I'll do there and even visiting Disneyland! Well, that dream became a reality a year later when I left for the US in 1987. I stayed there for 2 months! My relatives there did not want me to leave and have already made plans for me to stay and study there. My dad however, was adamant that I come home.

15 years ago

High school life. I was a nerd when I was in high school. We had this little barkada called the DPS which stands for Dead Poet's Society (we sometimes change it to "Pwet") for obvious reasons (yeah, we love the movie). There were 6 or 7 of us in the group: Pam, Atha, Kay, Rae, Ruth and me. Oh, and Len (Kay's friend), would join us from time to time. All of us, except for Kay and Len, belong to a special class that does outreach work (Religion Extension Class) at the school's adopted community (Apelo at Pasay). Also, I remember watching Mobsters with the group and drooling over Christian Slater (whatever happened to him?!). High school was fun but it wasn't until college that I discovered boys.

10 years ago

I graduated from college when I was 20. Well, 21 actually. I had more fun when I was in college. The friends that I made then are the ones who I still hang out with until now--to think that they're all guys! We call ourselves the Circle of 8--again for obvious reasons. I was a freshman when the guys took me under their claws---err---wings when I joined the student press. They taught me how to play D&D and other role playing games which earned me the title, Queen of RPG at the press room. The original circle of 8 was Allan (the cleric), Rico (the DM), Mariano (the fighter), Chris (the kender-thief), Max (the mage), Obey (the telepath), Mike (the ranger) and yours truly (the bard). Other members moved to another school/country and were replaced by Edy (the dwarf) and someone else. The circle is still intact and we see each other regularly (except for Obey who's in the US and Mariano who has his family and art). I also had my first boyfriend/love when I was in college. Gosh, I can't believe I was once young and stupid! But well, we grow and learn from our mistakes.

5 years ago

I joined my current employer 5 years ago. I was also in an inter-racial relationship that time and my SO then and I were already makings plans of being permanently together. Thus, when I took the job offer, I was not thinking of staying long term. Another thing, my family was starting to fall apart this year. It was then that we learned that we have a half-sister and my mom wanted to leave my dad. It was the most painful and traumatic feeling that I have ever experienced in my entire life. The feeling was worse compared to the pain of betrayal of a former boyfriend (I was two-timed!).

3 years ago

My SO and I broke up this year. Our relationship was a rocky and difficult one and we lasted four years in a long-distance relationship. We also broke up more than once and all those times, I was the one that instigated the break-up. Although the last one, which he initiated, I made sure was the last. My mom also flew to the US to find a new life. It was supposed to be a temporary fix--for her to earn enough to pay for the debts that our family business incurred causing them to declare bankruptcy--but she has somehow made more permanent.

2 years ago

I started entertaining thoughts of taking up postgraduate studies. An officemate encouraged me and with further prodding from my mom, I decided to go for it. Good thing I did because it was there that I met my current SO, Leo.

1 year ago

I was helping my siblings get ready for their church weddings. BJ, Che and Claudine already got married in court. BJ had his church wedding last December while Che had hers last January. It was also then that we learned that my mom has divorced my dad (in the US). Yes, are now a statistic of broken families.

A Week Ago

Was the last day of my OIC-ship. It was the most stressful experience I ever had at work. Made me question if I'm ready to be a manager.


Or was that the other day? I gave Leo his early Christmas gift. Clue? It's Razor thin.


Had my Finman WCE. Not the worst exam I ever took--just difficult--since I barely know most of the subject matter. Had to do some serious self study. Also had dinner with Leo at the newly opened Good-ah (Open 25 hours a day) branch here at BF.

Makes me wonder what the next day/week will bring.

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