Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A.P.E. Preliminary Results

Again, am not happy with the preliminary results of my A.P.E. Every year, they always find something wrong with me, and every year, it gets worse. I don't know if it's one way for the doctors to earn their doctor's fees but it really sucks.

First of all, I was not happy with the way they extracted blood from me. When I sat down to where the blood extraction was done, I readily offered my right arm as it is where I'm used to. But the nurse or med tech or whoever she was insisted that the left arm is ok. I was rather hesitant because I knew it was difficult to draw blood from my left arm (this is my third blood test this year--don't ask), but well, I can't very well argue with the person who's holding the needle. So I just closed m eyes, bit my lip and hope that they make it fast.

When I checked the spot a few hours later, I knew the medtech/nurse botched up the job since there was a big red/violet color all over the puncture wound (there was hematoma). Meaning the vein was traumatized from the needle. Not to mention my arm is hurting a bit--until now!

After the blood extraction, the nurse took my blood pressure. Imagine my shock when she said that it's 130/80. That has never happened to me before. I started to worry and things started to go downhill.

At the opthalmologist, I was told that my right eye has gone up to 500 from 450. At least my left eye is still at 450. Sigh. I really have to save for that laser surgery. I so need it.

And for the last check, the physical exam. The doctor managed to find a lump somewhere in my left breast. She said that it could just be hormones and will disappear after a few weeks. I was surprised since when my OB did an examination last September, she did not find anything. It did not stop me from worrying though. Have to schedule an appointment with my doctor ASAP.

So there you go. A high BP and a lump. I can't wait to get my blood test results. Oh and fairness to the BP, when I checked my BP again this afternoon, it's back to the normal 110/70. I'll have it checked again tomorrow. Just to be sure.

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Ivy said...

hey worry to much! =) ok lang yan...sorry didn't get to reply to your email kanina was so stressed at work coz i am taking 3 days off hehehe plus nadyahe ako sa boss ko coz i was super late sa lunch mtg namin sa ang traffic kaya naligaw pa ko going to abt a dingdong hehehehe...