Friday, December 02, 2005

Pre-birthday notes

Yay! Finished my Mansci WCE earlier. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. Actually, it's not that hard since it's open notes. I finished the exam early. Took me only a couple of hours to answer all 4 questions. Not bad :)

So that's five down, two more to go. I dread the eco exam since according to the people I've asked, it's really difficult. Good luck to me!

And oh yeah, I passed by Markman WCE. Wahoo! Got a grade of 90. Grabe. Out of the four other tests I took, Markman is the only one that has results. Gosh, I really do hope to pass Finman and Orgbep. I do not relish the thought of taking them again next term. Grrr.

I'm also not feeling very well tonight. Credit it to the point that I got caught in the rain going to school this evening. When I got to RCBC, I was soaking wet. My blouse was really soaked and so were my pants. So I just sat there in the room in my wet clothes while taking the exam.

It's also part of the reason why I'm a bit pissed at my SO right now. I called him while I was taking shelter at the underpass and asked if he has any sort of jacket that I can use since I'm soaking wet. Kesyo wala raw and all he has in the car is an umbrella. Ok sige, pero hello? Wala bang konting care diyan to ask if I'm ok? Or any effort to find something for me? Alam niyang I can get sick easily if I get caught in the rain.

Ok fine. Sige, puwede kong palampasin. When I got into the car, he gave me my birthday present. When I saw the long, rectangular box, I felt a bit disappointed because I knew it's not what I REALLY wanted, but what the heck, might as well see. When I opened the box, it's a bracelet--with lots of little hearts. It's really very nice. My aunt even praised it.

I guess I expected too much once again. Looks like a wedding next year would be off, and the June/July wedding that I wanted won't be happening. I just feel so depressed that I'm already 30 and not yet married and no kids. Yeah, I know there are other people out there like me (unwed and un-childrened--is there such a word?!) and that at least I have a boyfriend. But I already missed my marrying age by 3 years and my body clock is ticking fast! (It gets louder when you're in your 30's). I have an officemate who was adviced to take bedrest when they learned she's pregnant, and she's as old as me! What more pa when/IF (!) I get pregnant? Baka I have to lie down for the whole 9 months!

Aaargh! I feel horrible. My head aches and I feel like throwing up my dinner. Have to wake early tomorrow since we're going to Lipa for our outreach. It's a nice way to spend a birthday.

O sige, enough of the pity party. Looking at it in another perspective, I am indeed very lucky to have a guy like Leo in my life. Besides, nobody's perfect. It's part of his flaws that I've learned to love and accept. So what if I won't get married next year? There's always the year after that...and the year after that. Gosh, makes me want to think if I am indeed getting married. Baka I'm destined to be the "generous and eccentric" aunt. The one who spoils her "pamangkins" and "inaanaks". Oh well.

Darn, my headache is still there. Grrr.

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cess said...

happy birthday sunshi! a pat on your back for doing a good job on your exams! keep it up --- because you have to hehehe!