Monday, December 19, 2005

Day 1 of Block Leave

This is my first long vacation for the year. Am on leave for the next two weeks--my block leave so to speak. Unfortunately, I won't be able to relax as it's the Christmas season and am still finishing up my Christmas shopping.

I woke up relaxed and thinking what I was going to do today. I was scheduled to meet up with a friend today but she ended up cancelling. I still decided to go to Makati so I can drop off some presents and do some last minute turnover.

I hitched a ride with my aunt. I asked to be drop off at South Superhighway corner Dela Rosa since my friend's office is just corner pasong tamo/dela rosa. I didn't know it was THAT far since I just walked that long block. I met with Ivy and exchanged presents with her. I then walked to the office.

I don't know how long that was but I was pretty sweaty when I got to the office. Fortunately it was not that hot.

After cleaning out my desk, I returned to Dita where I joined Mamu, Kiko and Lei to go grocery shopping at Cash and Carry. It was a mistake bringing Kiko since I swear, he really tried my patience. You can't stay mad at him for long though since he's SOOO cute.

In the car on our way home, Kiko spouted one of his quotable quotes which left all of us in the car gasping for breath from laughing. We were teasing him that he's not a big boy since he still sleeps with a milk bottle and with Mamu. He then said that when he grows up, he wants to have hair on his "putoytoy" (groin area)...just like his dad! Am still laughing just thinking about it.

It's a good day to start a vacation. I'd better go back to my gift wrapping though. We're going to bake banana cake and cookies tomorrow.

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Ivy said...

hey thanks for the gift....hehehe i have low eq i opened it na =) kawawa ka naman nag alay lakad ka o well think of it na exercise na lang....=)