Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I previously recommended the massage services of Let's Face It--a one stop beauty service shop where one can get facials, spas and just recently, massages at a pang-masa (low) price.

Having a stressful job, am a big fan of massages and the like so Let's Face It was a nice discovery for me. I get to unwind without paying atrocious rates. However, I had a very BAD EXPERIENCE with LET'S FACE IT PARK SQUARE here at Makati. In fact, I just came from the shop and immediately tried to find an internet cafe where I can complain and tell the whole world how their service--specifically in that branch--sucks big time!

First of all, I was made to wait 30 minutes because their masseuse had to go on break for lunch since she just finished with a customer. Being the understanding person that I am, I readily agreed and reviewed my notes for my wce on Friday. When I was called, I was dismayed to see that the massage room is smaller than the rooms at Festival Mall and Greenbelt I. I had to squeeze through the door just to get inside. Moreover, the robes and towels that they provided for the shower were insufficient. They did not even have slippers!

During the massage, the masahista was talkative so I indulged her a little bit. Later on, another kind of talk was disturbing my moments of relaxation. Apparently, the massage room is located beside the waiting area of the derma people (the ones who does the facials and stuff. What do you call them? They're not they're pseudo-dermatologists). They were so noisy. Chatting and talking about their lives, cellphones etc. I managed to drowse off but was awakened by someone walking outside the room. Apparently again, the floor is made out of wood and anyone wearing heels cannot walk quietly across the room. Instead of feeling relaxed after that massage, I felt more stressed! I then decided that I should complain to at least someone. I complained to my masseuse and she said it's always been like that. Ok fine, so she's no help. When I paid my bill, I complained to the people at the counter and they just stood there all quiet without even acknowledging or telling me what action they should do. Where the heck are their customer service skills?! I don't know if what I said sank in but it was absolutely deplorable! I WILL NEVER PATRONIZE THAT BRANCH EVER EVER AGAIN. AND I SUGGEST THAT YOU GUYS DO NOT SO TOO.

I tried looking for the company's address in the internet and I can't even find a website. provided me with phone numbers of the branches. I guess I'll start from there. I will ensure that my complaint will reach their management.

Moral lesson: Do not disturb Sunshine's relaxation plans. She's pretty bitchy when she's stressed and deprived from relaxing.


Norrie Blackeby said...

Good for you Sunshine!
People like us who pay through the nose for services should demand good value for our money! Go on, tell the world not to patronise this third rate establishment. They need to get their act together!

cess said...

storm david!

Ivy said...

try mo lotus spa in perea open sila from 2pm to 2am 350 lang full body massage na but i go for the foot reflex or thai foot lang kasi ayaw ko ng audience participation gano.....i go there late at night after a stressful day or pag di ako makatulog super love ko tong discovery ko na to hehehehehe as for facials....hhmmm i go kasi sa derma but i was never a fan of it kasi naman ang sakit literally i am crying na bec of it