Thursday, December 22, 2005

Day 4 of Block Leave (I flunked Orgbep!)

I guess I didn't get my Christmas wish. I checked my grades today and I just found out that I flunked my Organizational Behavior WCE. So far, I've passed Marketing Management, Management Science and Financial Management. That leaves Management Accounting and Management Economics. Am sure about Accounting but not sure with Economics. We'll just see how that turns out. At least I know what to adjust come January 3.

Stayed at home today. Finished wrapping my gifts and baked another batch of cookies. My cousins invited me to go watch King Kong with them but I don't relish the thought of sitting down for 3 hours watching a gorilla fight it out with a t-rex. I did like the movie and it moved me to tears. Nevertheless, I'd rather stay at home and rest. Am still smarting over flunking that exam. It's my first failure in my MBA. Quite difficult to take.

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cess said...

:( i understand how you feel about that exam. sana makita mo na rin ang dvd mo para mabawasan ang lungkot mo :D