Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy 30th birthday to me! (and my twin)

My birthday will officially draw to a close in an hour. It's been the most fulfilling birthday I've ever had. Although nobody gave me a birthday cake! I so wanted to blow 30 candles. Heh.

Leo picked me up at around 8 am and we arrived at SOS Children's Village Lipa in an hour. We had the opening ceremonies and it was time to spend time with our adopted "house". We brought them game boards and puzzles. It was fun doing all those things with them--especially the puzzles. One of the kids upon learning of my birthday, gave me 3 pieces of paper with birthday greetings. I was really touched and I almost cried. It was really great.

I also received numerous birthday greetings thru text and phonecalls. Am touched that some people who I expect to remember my birthday remembered, and even those who I don't expect to remember, remembered.

We left the village at around 230, afterwhich, Leo and I proceeded to the annual St. James Bazaar at Alabang. I saw some friends there and we started with our Christmas shopping. Bought some gifts for my family. Hopefully we can go back tomorrow and buy more stuff. But we're scheduled to have lunch at Circles Shangri-la. We'll just see.

I saw Leo's mom at the bazaar and she greeted me happy birthday. When we saw each other at the house, she actually had dinner cooked for me. I was again very touched by her gesture.

However, when they were asking how old I was, I was hesitant to say my age. When I was in my 20's, it was easy. But now that i'm 30, it just gets harder. I don't know why. Am I having some sort of quarter-life crisis? Hmmm.


Ivy said...

naks naman ur so part of the family hahahaha...great you had fun ...and sana i bump into you again tom....i love the pants i got from that nikki poblador girl hehehee

MAY KA TWIN KA? seriously??? ang galing =)

Mindy said...

Hey, happy Birthday! :)

rmacapobre said...

joyeux anniversaire!!