Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunshine, the Card Shark!

My cousins came home yesterday with a poker set which they bought at the St. James bazaar. They invited me to play yesterday but Leo and I were watching TV and we were planning what we were supposed to do today. Incidentally, we had lunch at Circles at the Makati Shangri-la. The price is very steep (P1k/person) but the food was definitely worth it! The tastes definitely met my expectations, but not exceeded it. After lunch we returned to the St. James bazaar where I bought more Christmas gifts for my family and friends. We then proceeded to the Alabang Town Center were we had our gift tags made and bought some groceries for my pakain tomorrow at the office. Then we went home.

Anyway, after dinner, my cousins invited me and Leo to play poker with them. Since all my exposure to poker is what I've watched at Celebrity Poker, I had them teach me the basic rudiments of the game--but I did catch on quick. We played for two hours with the game ending after I cleaned out every player. Hah! They were saying it was beginner's luck. But what can I say? I do have a good grasp of strategy, thanks to my L5R/Magic:The Gathering playing days (I quit the game after I won a tournament--straight wins baby! I still kept my scorecard. Heh). Poker is a game that I would definitely play for fun--but not for real money.

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Ivy said...

i saw that set!!! i was thinking of getting it kaya pala wala na kanina your cousins got it na...this is the big one dun sa may parking lot right?