Sunday, December 11, 2005

On the 10th day of Christmas

I started the tedious task of gift-wrapping today since I'm meeting my friends tomorrow. I wanted to give their gifts by tomorrow since am not sure when we will be meeting again. I just wish that my gift-wrapping is as good as the picture above. Am not imaginative when it comes to design and patterns.

Speaking of patterns, am such a ninny when it comes to abstract concepts. I took some sort of test recently and it says that my weakness is abstract concepts and graphs freak me out. Actually, I never noticed that until I read the report. No wonder! The abstract portions in IQ test (What pattern comes next...) makes me feel stupid.

Anyway, going back to my gift-wrapping.

Am 30% done with my wrapping. Am still waiting for a second batch of giveaways to be delivered to me. I swear, next year, I will not cram again. Hopefully my leaves next year will push through. I allocated one week in November to do Christmas shopping and the such.

I resurfaced from my room around 11pm and tried to see how the party outside was progressing (my aunt is hosting a party for her diving group). I had another plate of Ate Perla's very delicious lasagna and watched the last episode of Pinoy Big Brother with them (Nene won by the way).

It's now 2 am and I should get some sleep soon. The weather is SO perfect for sleep. Cool and just nice. Anyway, I'll worry about my gift list tomorrow.

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