Sunday, December 18, 2005

It is done

Finally, the term is over (and I still don't know if I passed by WCE's except for one subject). I was not able to take my last exam yesterday since I attended our Christmas party.

Oh something about our bankwide Christmas party. It was absolutely fabulous! It was worth missing the exam.

For the first time in years, the Christmas party committee deviated from our usual norm of having the party at a hotel ballroom. This time around, they rented a function room at the M/S Philippines which is docked at the back of Manila Hotel. It's a really nice ship which has the amenities of a hotel and restaurant. Unfortunately though, the ship can only be booked for special functions. Nevertheless, it was really nice. Even the staff were very courteous and polite.

My only complaint is the food. It was pretty bland and tasteless. But well, the atmosphere and view makes up for it.

Our prizes these year were again very generous. The four (yes, count them, FOUR) major prizes are (from fourth to grand prize winner): Trip to Bangkok, Trip to Hongkong (with pass to HK Disneyland), Trip to Australia and Asian Cruise. All for 2 pax each. Minor prizes were SM GC's, TV's, I-pods (I-pod Nano 2 gig!) and other appliances. It was really great. Too bad we didn't win.

Leo and I got home really late. I slept at around 1 am. Leo picked me up early this morning since we had a class where we had to present Free-Space Optics network. We had to bring in resource people and it was really difficult. Murphy's Law very much applied to our presentation today. Even if we were deemed as one of the prepared groups, what should not happen happened. Laptop batteries ran out without any available port in sight, forgotten cable which was very important etc. Fortunately, we were able to get everything up and running for our professor and classmates to see the demo.

After class, we had lunch at this really nice restaurant at UM and we headed to Alabang where we whiled the time (Leo caught up with his sleep while I prepared our games for tonight's department Christmas party).

Leo and I were at my officemate's house a couple of blocks away from Leo's house at 630 PM. It was a pot luck party so everyone brought something. Good thing though since I had enough pantry money to buy prizes for our party (which are incidentally, a USB drive and an I-pod shuffle). My games were a hit (especially the pictionary jeopardy) and I won our singing contest (haha) with my "I Will Survive" and as tie-breaker "Stay".

That was my last Christmas party for this year. This is the first year where I'm not bombared with Christmas parties. Am not complaining though, at least am not that overloaded. Now I can get to concentrate on my gift-wrapping and gift-giving. I think am done with my shopping though. All I need to do is to do the wrapping.


Ivy said...

hey nff..yes its finally over and like you i am so glad...galing naman ng party nyo and talk abt sosyal ang raffles ha while us since we have to manage the bottlers perception eh super tipid ka pikon and i went home a loser...every year na lang i am so malas...akala ko ba pag unlucky in love eh lucky sa sugal and mga raffle well its sooo not true....buti ka pa you are done na with all your parties eh ako til friday next week i have dinners and whatever with different sets of friends haaayyy i may end up gaining the 20lbs i lost oh no!!! so sinusulit ko na ang aking "payat" figure kuno todo spag straps at tubes ako hahahahaha.....see yah monday!!!!

Norrie Blackeby said...

I felt exhausted just reading your blog! What a social life you have there. I cannot believe the prizes as well. Talk about posh. It is great though--to be young and free. Enjoy!