Thursday, December 29, 2005

Day X of Block Leave (Old friends and SM Pilgrimage)

Ok so my day counts for my block leave are not accurate. This is supposedly my 10th and last day of my filed block leave. Although I technically still have three days to go of my vacation until I return to work on January 2nd. So let me savour it while it lasts.

Today was my scheduled orientation for my driving school. Apparently, A-1 has classrooms in certain SM malls to hold these lectures. Since I missed the lecture last Tuesday at SM Southmall, they scheduled me to attend the one at SM Bicutan. During my block leave, I managed to visit 3 SM Malls (Bicutan, South Mall Las Pinas and Sucat). My friends joked that they're going to hold an SM Pilgrimage wherein they will visit all the SM Malls in the Philippines and I think they've gone through them half-way.

I also met up with my high school friend, Pam, who's house is located just behind the mall. It's amazing how long we haven't seen each other. Pam was my classmate since first year high school. We were in the same sections until fourth year high school. We also went to the same university. We reminisced and laughed over old fads and crushes (she used to be crazy over Christian Slater and I over George Michael--during his "Faith" album). She finished her Biology degree and went on to become a doctor. She's now finishing her training to specialize as a pediatrician. We were joking that she should've been a vet due to the number of dogs and cats that she has. I told her that I'd prefer fishes over mammals since fishes are low maintenance. Moreover, they stay put where you put them and they're very relaxing. She then said, what will my fishes do if a burglar gets in the house? At least her dogs (including a rottweiller named 8-Ball who belongs to her ex-boyfriend) can bark. Ok, so I conceded that point.

Pam and I shared half a bottle of red wine until Leo picked me up around 9 pm. It was nice seeing her again. I do wish I could see her more but she's very busy with her hospital duty. She's usually in the hospital 24 hours and she only goes home to sleep. When she does get her diplomate status, am going to make her the pediatrician of my future children. Heh.

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MommyBa said...

Oh! I live 3 minutes away from SM Bicutan! LOL! I hope you had fun during your SM pilgrimage. :)